Our People!

Leading the Way
Making IT Happen!

Founder & CEO, Rubaitul Azad, along with Co-Director, Mehvish Azad, provide expert guidance in the field of technology, driven by a deep commitment to serving Individuals, Clients, and Communities.

Rubaitul Azad

Founder & Director

Mehvish Azad

Industry Experts

Gigfolioo's industry leaders leverage their extensive expertise across diverse sectors, assisting organisations of all scales in addressing the most toughest challenges of today.

Fariq Naseer

Graphic Designer

Arooj Bhat

Full-stack Developer

Uzair Jan

Cloud Engineer

Aamina Farooq

Web Designer

Yasir Lateef

Web Developer

Hyder Mir

SEO Expert
Operations Team

Gigfolioo's operations team supervises and manages all aspects of activities and the organisation's overall productivity.

Muzaifa Naseer

HR Manager

Aaqib Alam

Accounts Head

Ahmed Hassan


Amina Bilal


“Just as we cannot survive in this world without technology, so too is our team an indispensable part of our journey. Together, with shared vision and collaborative effort, we're not just adapting to technology's changes; we're actively shaping them, making a positive impact, and reaching new heights. ”

Rubaitul Azad
Founder & Director, Gigfolioo Technologies Private Limited